Juris Lipsnis (Latvia)
Juris is an Architect by profession, with a strong passion for folk traditions.
He is a Dūdas piper and head of the Latvian folk-group “Suitu dūdenieki”
Juris is a board member of the non profit “Suiti Cultural Heritage”, as well as an organizer of the recent events, gathering Latvian traditional pipers in the Suiti region (2018 and 2019).
Juris has been a Firefighter, a journalist, and currently, also a Lecturer in the Kuldiga Technical School of Technologies and Tourism.
Juris holds a Masters degree (M.Arch) from the Rigas Politehniskais Instituts

Uldis Austriņš (Latvia)
Uldis has been studying and working with Latvian traditional musical instruments for more than 10 years now. He started by making the Latvian Kokle (a form of Kantele), later having picked up on bagpipes.
He has for the last two years been researching bagpipe building techniques and traditions in Latvia by collecting evidence from all available sources – original instruments in museums, written accounts – and also prototype building, inspired by neighboring bagpipes.
Today Uldis is specializing in the bagpipes from the Latvian Suiti region, where more evidence may still be found.