3D printers have been widely available to the commercial market for over a decade now. This technology has resulted in many innovative music projects over the years. How can we use 3D printing for musical instrument making? This presentation will reveal such 3D-printed instruments, and demonstrate that the technology not only allows us to make new instruments but may also shed light on those from the past. […]  by Zexuan Qiao (China | UK)


Zexuan Qiao (China | UK)
Zexuan is a woodwind instrument maker, an interaction designer, a virtual developer and a printmaker. His work has been focused on modelling and 3D printing of flutes and bagpipes based on historical models.
Zexuan has received a Masters degree in Architecture (with distinction) from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. There he has specialized in the modelling techniques and interaction design skills necessary to work with objects for performance.
Zexuan is currently a PhD candidate at the Queen’s University Belfast, studying the theme of “border small pipes” of Scotland and England.